Ben Higgins Addresses If He'll Do The Bachelor Again Even Though No One Was Asking

Ben Higgins was arguably one of the most lovable Bachelors in recent history. I mean, who do we have to compare him to? Pending felon Chris Soules and dryer lint with googly eyes Nick Viall? So yeah, I’d argue that Ben has been the cream of the crop as of late. Anyway, we all know Ben is single, once again. His ex, Lauren Bushnell, has moved on and backward at the same time by getting back with her ex and posting it all over socials.

Ben took his newly-found singleness and the end of this season of The Bachelorette as a reason to address the rumors he most likely made up in his head that he could be the Bachelor again.

Nobody Asked You Patrice

On his blog titled The Mahogany Workplace, which I only assume is titled after Ron Burgundy’s description of his office, Ben answers this question no one asked.

Ron Burgundy

He lists his reasons for not wanting to do the show again as:

1) Not being ready to start another relationship in public — Even though he already tried this twice, so I guess he’s convinced it’s not the best start to finding true love.

2) His breakup was super recent and he’s not the person he wants to be again, yet — This is fair. He just ended a relationship so maybe he’s not ready for a new gal to sweep him off his feet. Obvi, Lauren does not need more time to move on.

3) He wants to be there for the right reasons — Don’t we all Ben, don’t we all.

4) He’s over the scrutiny — Yes, there’s a lot of pressure on Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members, but at this point, you’ve already thrust yourself into the public sphere by appearing on the The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, having your own show on Freeform, co-hosting a weekly podcast and also having a public blog. It seems like you’re kind of an open book for scrutiny at this point, man.

5) He’s working on other projects right now — See above. Oh, and Ben also has a strong philanthropic presence and another real full-time job. He’s truly a gem. Like, really, he genuinely seems like a decent human and may actually be too good for this damn show. I mean, I love The Bachelor, but there are some garbage people who get famous from it (*cough* Juan Pablo).

Ben wraps up his post by saying he’ll never say never to another run at love on TV, he’s just saying not right now. You do you, baby boy. We’ll still be here when you’re ready.