Beloved Show Pimp My Ride Was Fake

So apparently parts of Pimp My Ride were fake, RIP my pre-teen years. First The Hills, now this? Is nothing sacred? I guess I should have guessed that a show with Xzibit saying “yo dawg” on MTV probably wasn't 100% legit, but still. There's a debate brewing between the contestants and the producers, so let's break it down:

Contestant: The cool shit was taken away after filming
Producer: Those things weren't safe, but they looked really cool
Ex: Champagne holder in the front seat encouraged drinking and driving

Contestant: A lot of things just didn't work in the car
Producer: Sorry bout it
Ex: Television screens in the back seat

Contestant: They pimped out the exterior, but didn't do anything about the actual mechanics
Producer: Our job wasn't to fix cars, it was to make them look fly as fuck

Some other things were less surprising, like that the renovations took months not days, they filmed contestants' “freak outs” multiple times, or the producers would try to fuck up contestants' personal lives to make the show more interesting. Whatever, this was a great show – maybe not as good as Cribs – and it almost makes it more entertaining that the producers were basically just fucking with people the whole time.


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