Bella Hadid Was Spotted Flirting With Someone Who's Not The Weeknd

Coachella is truly a wild place, and anything can happen when you put hundreds of celebrities in the middle of the desert with lots of drugs free sponsored alcohol. By weekend two, things start to get a little ~yikes~, and it’s basically like last call at a desperate college bar. This is where burgeoning new relationships/flirtationships get witnessed by lots of sources eager to run to the tabloids, and I’m 100% here for it. Today’s social media deep dive is brought to you by Bella Hadid and up-and-coming rapper KYLE (which I will henceforth write as ‘Kyle’ because all-caps is annoying AF).

First of all, let’s address a little Coachella drama that Bella Hadid dealt with during the much more A-list weekend one. Last Monday, E! News reported that Bella and her ex The Weeknd were spotted “kissing all night” at an after party, which would qualify as an extremely major development. As we’ve discussed before, Bella and The Weeknd were an amazing couple, and rumors of their reunion last fall seriously messed with my mind. Bella was not here for the rumors, and she immediately commented on E!’s insta, saying that it wasn’t her. God bless Bella, that was so easy. If this were Taylor Swift, there would’ve been a brutal six-week long PR campaign to shame whoever started the rumor, followed by an even longer “can’t we all get along and stop makeout-shaming each other” campaign.

So if Bella Hadid wasn’t busy making out with The Weeknd at Coachella, who was she spending time with?? That’s where Kyle comes into the picture. Kyle (formerly known as K.i.D.) is a 24-year-old rapper from California, and his biggest song so far was “iSpy,” which featured Lil Yachty. His debut album is coming out next month, so it’s a major moment for him right now. He performed at Coachella with Chance the Rapper, which means he’s probably very cool. I’m intrigued.

Telling my kids about this is gonna be sick ????

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Gigi and Bella Hadid went to the Bootsy Bellows Pool Party at Coachella, where Kyle was also on the guest list. At the party, sources reported that Bella was definitely flirting with Kyle, and that the two were seen exchanging phone numbers. So basically they’ll be engaged by the end of the month, right? One of my favorite anonymous Page Six sources ever provided some great commentary: “It for sure looked flirty. Bella was being very flirty that day . . . She was on a mission.” Okay Bella, work!! While Bella was on her flirting mission, Gigi reportedly ate two McDonald’s burgers in three minutes, which is truly the kind of content I need in my life.

So did Bella and Kyle find love in a hopeless place (a sponsored party at weekend two of Coachella)? It’s definitely too soon to tell, but I have a feeling this won’t be a relationship we’re hearing about six months from now.  Kyle is a cute hip-hop artist, which is obviously Bella’s type, but there’s one major problem: Kyle follows Bella on Instagram, but she hasn’t returned the favor. That can’t be a good sign. Bella has over 17 million Instagram followers, so she clearly isn’t too worried about her ratio. To be fair, Bella probably gets like 10 million DMs a day, so maybe she just doesn’t really pay attention to anyone on Insta. Now that I think about it, she definitely seems like the type of girl who texts the group chat asking them to like her photo, but literally never likes anything. She’s just, like, busy!

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So stay tuned for further news about Kyle and Bella, or ideally further news about Bella getting back with The Weeknd. Don’t @ me, I know I shouldn’t care, but I just DO. No matter what happens, good for Bella for making the most out of being at both weekends of Coachella (bleak), and congrats to Gigi on eating those hamburgers so quickly. When’s lunch?

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