Bella Hadid & Selena Gomez: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Ever since we got evidence of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd hooking up, everyone has been eager to turn her and Bella Hadid into bitter enemies. There’s really no evidence that they were ever good friends, but it’s still been fun seeing everyone turn it into the biggest feud since Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Because we love drama, let’s examine who would win in a fight.

The Weeknd Texting

First, both ladies are important members of Taylor Swift’s squad. While this makes us want to throw up, it’s relevant information. While Selena is definitely closer with Taylor herself, Bella would likely have all the models coming to her defense. This is a clear advantage for Bella, because models are tall and intimidating, and Taylor Swift is skinny and weak and doesn’t have arms or legs and is actually a snake.

We don’t know if either of them are good at fighting, but we can examine their general talent level and apply it to fighting. Bella Hadid has no discernible talent other than looking hot in lingerie. Maybe she’ll pull a Cara Delevingne and be an actress someday, but she hasn’t gotten there yet. While we wouldn’t say Selena is, like, super talented or anything, she’s at least famous for something that requires a specific skill. Points for Selena.

Selena Gomez

If Bella was serious about winning a fight against Selena, there’s definitely a secret weapon. Justin Bieber’s millions of fans hate Selena’s guts, and they’re basically like a pack of attack dogs waiting for their owner to put a piece of meat in front of them. Unfortunately, Bella probably isn’t smart enough to use this tool, so it wouldn’t actually work in her favor.

Basically, this fight would be a mess. Both girls would be worried about their perfect hair getting ruined, and Selena’s fighting technique would probably be as sloppy and half-assed as the vocals on her last album. Bella, on the other hand, has more of a reason to be mad because Selena took her man, so she would definitely win this fight. Sorry Selena, maybe Justin will take you back?

Justin Bieber Shrug