Is Bella Hadid Copying Selena Gomez's Look? An Investigation

While Donald J Cheeto was screaming internally attempting to win back the American people at his first solo address to Congress, another desperate power play was being made in the dead of night. Bella Hadid (aka the younger, less hot Hadid sister) recently showcased a new haircut. It seems the model has exchanged her long, brown locks for a shorter, darker lob. Hmmm seems pretty similar to another celeb’s signature look, a celeb who maybe kinda stole Bella’s boyfriend?

Last month Taylor Swift groupie and newly-minted boyfriend-stealer Selena Gomez stepped out with The Weekend and we all whispered a collective WTF into our news feeds. We’ve already established that if it came down to a legit fight Bella would kick Selena’s ass with the help of Justin Bieber’s rabid pack of attack dogs fan base. But since beating the shit out of Selena probs wouldn’t be good for her image I guess this haircut is Bella’s sad attempt at getting the upper hand? Idk.

Who Would Win In A Fight: Bella Hadid Or Selena Gomez?

Let’s compare looks, shall we?

Selena Gomez Bella Hadid

Subtle, Bella. Just because you straightened your hair doesn’t mean WE DON’T HAVE EYES. Is it really copying though if one person is clearly doing it better?

Even their Instagram feeds are starting to vaguely resemble each other.

Selena Gomez And Bella Hadid

Don’t be that girl, Bella. Transforming into your ex’s new girl is NOT the way to win him back. Everyone already calls you “Gigi’s Shadow,” you don’t want to also be called “Single White Female” on top of that. Even if you technically are one. 

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