Being A Patron of the Arts: A Guide to Being a Cultured Betch

Being a betch is a lot of work. Not only are you always chill and down to earth, you’re also very high class and cultured. It’s like having all the grace of the Disney princesses without needing to be rescued by a prince.  Being cultured and well-traveled is so much a part of your lifeblood that you don’t even realize you are until you consider that not everyone has a favorite Dada artist or Shakespeare play.

Being cultured is important because it means you are #36 not doing work enough to appreciate things like art and theater.  It also gives you something to talk about at weddings and gallery openings that aren’t sports or weather related. You probably started your cultural education at an early age, when your parents used to take you to such iconic childhood shows like The Nutcracker and Cinderella.  An opera or orchestra into your teens and you were hooked on the spectacle of it all.

But being a patron of the arts is more than just watching ballerinas come to life, it’s a mentality.  You support innovative ideas and have talent crushes on artists and photographers you’ve discovered throughout your life.  Like following a fashion designer for his/her couture, you appreciate a mind behind a work, even if the work is something as impractical as Richard Serra’s sculptures.  When it comes to retrospectives, you actually have a favorite exhibit of the artist you saw when it came around the first time. 

You’re casually cultured in that you don’t spend every Friday night in an art gallery and you’re not like in art school, but you enjoy a good gala here and there.  Like taking a shot of vodka, your artistic appreciation comes in little concentrated doses.  You like art because you like things that look good and have no practical use, since that means it’s also expensive. You also know that buying art is the real estate of the creative mind, and it's always worth investing in, especially in developing areas.

The key to staying cultured is that like money, you don't talk about it, but it's apparent from the way you carry yourself that you have it. You enjoy the finer things in life, because look at you.


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