Beer Yoga Is A Thing Now, Sign Us Up

Honestly, super jealous of betches studying abroad in Australia right now, because Beer Yoga is becoming a thing in the land down under and it sounds fucking fantastic.

Beer Yoga is literally exactly what the name implies: Yogis flock to practice the downward-facing dog together with a cold brew in hand. The magical concept started when two beer-loving hipsters in Berlin founded the company BierYoga—also known as BeerYoga—after seeing festivalgoers partake at Burning Man (lol classic). And the founders have since taken “the marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga” to Oz, where you can find the fun in bars, parks, festivals and wherever your alcoholic heart can imagine.

The Best

And while the Beer Yoga website boasts that the “joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other, and make for an energizing experience,” the real beauty of this idea is the ability to get slightly lit while pretending to be spiritual and shit. The classes teach the participants “beer salutations” and how to balance beer on one’s head, which is literally the most perfect form of exercise ever.


Beer Yoga is a self-proclaimed art for anyone who likes beer, anyone who likes yoga, and basically anyone who’s old enough to drink legally. But don’t be fooled—Beer Yoga is no joke, as it takes “the philosophies of yoga and pair[s] it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.” Right.

No word yet if this idyllic exercise will make its way to the United States, but I’m gonna go ahead and start my beer salutations now just in case.