Becca of DG Gets a Job at Scores

Becca, of Becca and Crazy Sorority Emails, has now been offered a job at Scores. OMG, she must be thinking, dreams really do come true. Her potential position at the famous home for strippers is described as “an online chat host for special events.

Scores said they're throwing in a 10K signing bonus because they “feel with your 'girl next door' looks and your unique use of vocabulary you would be a perfect fit.”

Only in Manhattan are men turned on by a woman who will emotionally destroy them while simultaneously verbally abusing other women.

Here's here job offer >>

We think Becca should take it: it's not that much different than being special events chair at a sorority (with slightly less tassels and singles) and it's not like she's going to get a real job anyway.

source: TMZ 


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