WTF is Going On in Miley Cyrus’ New Music Video?

When it comes to Miley, not much shocks us anymore. So what may not be shocking can still be all around disturbing and make us feel fucking weird inside. Thus, Miley gives us the video for “BB Talk”.

The song is a single from album Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz. And in the same way we became obsessed with most of Bangerz, there are some pretty tasty jams on Dead Petz as well.

TBH this song is kind of relatable. You like a guy, but sometimes the shit he does is unbearable i.e. “Your baby talk is creeping me out.”  But other times you can’t get enough of the dude like: “And I mean, I don’t wanna say it person, I just, like, bury my head in your armpit which weirdly smells good and your hair and your fucking teeth Like, why the fuck would I wanna lick your teeth? But I do.”

So Miley gives us a pretty OK song, if you’re into that kind of thing, and pairs it with a fucking bizarre NSFW music video where she appears as a giant baby.

There’s a plethora of crotch shots, side boob, and sucking, like, literal sucking on pacifiers and bottles and shit. Unless you need to reexamine the theories of Freud from your Psych 101 notes, you definitely understand what she’s getting at there, right?

We can’t say we’re surprised by the baby walk and talk antics, but we definitely feel weird about it, and not in a good way.


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