Barron Hilton Gets Beat Up After Talking Shit About Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton's little brother Barron Hilton got himself into a physical #28 drunken betch brawl at Mansion in Miami after reportedly #1 talking shit about Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay then ordered someone to beat him up. No, this is not the unaired alternative ending to The Sopranos, this shit actually happened. Lindsay and the Hiltons have a long running feud, in case you don't remember back in 2006 when Paris' friend Brandon Davis called Lindsay a firecrotch to the papparazzi. It's good to know that in the seven years since the Hilton/Lohan beef everyone has grown up, matured, and settled down is in the exact same fucking position. Apparently Lindsay told Barron “You talk shit about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.” Lindsay's boyfriend? As in Liam Neeson's son? I guess Liam is now showing up to Miami nightclubs to show off his particular set of skills.

Paris then threatened Lindsay on Instagram by saying “They both will pay for what they did. No one fucks with my family and gets away with it!!” starting what we hope will become a social media war to remember.

We don't know which side will win the war of the celebrity fuck ups but we do know that somewhere in Beverly Hills Kyle Richards is hysterically crying and figuring out a way to pin this on Brandi Glanville. 



Source: NY Daily News


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