This Is The Bare Minimum You Need To Work Out To Still Look Good Naked

Whether you’re blaming your laziness on your colossal hangover, your exhausting day of scrolling through Instagram, or your two-week overdue jet lag, you’re just not feeling a workout today. Your energy (or more accurately, motivation) levels might be at zero, but that doesn’t mean you need to lie on your couch and order two pints of Pinkberry, for, you know, the delivery minimum. This workout barely requires you to stand up, but you’ll still burn calories and tone your muscles enough to feel it the next day so you can look good in your bikini/in some fuckboy’s bed. Do each move for 45 seconds and repeat the circuit three times total.

1. Downward Dog Push-Ups

The downward dog is technically a yoga pose meant to stretch out your calves and relax your muscles, but paired with a push-up on the bottom, it makes for an amazing arm and core workout. Start in a downward dog position, but on your elbows instead of your hands. Press your hands onto the floor to straighten your elbows and pull your pelvis back, coming into the downward dog position with your hands on the ground. Lower your elbows back to the mat and repeat until you feel the burn in your shoulders. 

2. Glute Kickbacks

Most lower body movements are pretty exhausting, and you obviously have to be standing up for moves like squats and lunges. Glute kickbacks are just as effective if done right, and the best part is you get to stay on the ground the whole time. Start on all fours, with your hands placed on the ground under your shoulders and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your head forward while you exhale, lifting one leg up while contracting your glutes and then slowly bringing the knee back to the ground. Alternate sides, and try to pulse each leg for the last 10 seconds to really feel the burn in your butt.

3. Mountain Climber + Shoulder Tap

No workout would be complete without a cardio burst, and it’s pretty rare to find a move that will get your heart rate up without moving around that much. If the thought of running on the treadmill or doing burpees makes you want to pass out, mountain climbers are your go-to. Keep your hands on the ground and your shoulders above your wrists as you jog your legs into your torso. After every six reps, stop jogging and tap your hand to your opposite shoulder to get your arms involved. Keep going in this six-to-two ratio for one minute straight and you should be pretty out of breath by the end.

4. Plank Jacks

Plank jacks are another cardio move that doesn’t involve standing up so you don’t half-ass these. Starting in a high plank or a forearm plank, jump your feet in and out for one minute, as if you’re doing jumping jacks in a horizontal position (without moving your arms, because duh). Try to keep your core as tight as possible the whole time, and make sure your butt is staying in line with your torso. I mean, there’s nothing worse than having to explain to someone that you injured your back by working out in your living room while watching Orange is the New Black.

5. Scissor Kicks

There are a ton of ab moves out there that don’t involve jumping or using fancy equipment, but scissor kicks are the ultimate lazy mood sculpting move. I mean, you’re literally lying on your back while kicking your legs, so stop whining and get through this one-minute ab burner. Start with your back pressed to the ground and your arms at your side (off the ground, preferably). Then, lift your legs off the ground with a slight bend in your knee and kick each one upward, SLOWLY alternating between the two while engaging your core. Also, people tend to forget to breathe while doing this move, so make sure you’re breathing so you don’t die mid-workout. Like, you’ve made it this far without dying.

6. Froggers

We definitely saved the hardest move for last, but don’t block us on Instagram just yet, because froggers are literally the biggest calorie-burner considering you’re basically on the ground the whole time. The idea is to start in a plank, and then jump your feet forward to land on the outsides of your palms. Once they’re there, sit up in a squat position and breathe, then jump your feet back again, landing in a plank. The moment in the squat is supposed to be your break in between jumps, so that means you actually have to put in some work when hopping forward and back. This move works your abs, legs, butt, and arms, so don’t you dare ditch early for that Pinkberry pint.