These Barbie Decorations Are Making Me Reconsider My "No Bachelorette Party" Rule

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I got engaged a few weeks ago, and like a lot of people in my position, I immediately jumped into planning mode. My Pinterest board has been filling up with ideas that surround my hyper-specific vision for this wedding (which, to be crystal clear, is rooted in the fabled story of Bianca Jagger riding a white horse through Studio 54). But there’s one unpopular opinion I feel pretty strongly about: I don’t want a huge bachelorette party. After being asked to go on *way* too many bachelorette weekends in my days as a bridesmaid, the idea of doing anything beyond a big, carb-filled dinner and a late-night trip to my friendly neighborhood male strip club has been a total non-starter for me.

And then the Barbie trailer dropped, and I started seeing bachelorette decorations that look like something straight out of Barbie World. And I’ve got to be honest—it warmed my little, black, anti-bachelorette-party heart. The pink!! The bows!! THE SPARKLES!! I haven’t been this excited about decorations since I went to my friend Courtney’s Spice World-themed birthday party when I was in elementary school. But, let’s be honest, the Union Jack has nothing on heart-shaped sunglasses, if I do say so myself. (Apologies to any Brits who may be reading this rn.)

While I’m still not *completely* sold on whether or not I want a full-blown bachelorette party, I have a feeling that whatever I decide to do, there will be some kind of Barbie spin to it. Because, truly, when will I ever be able to dress up like this with my friends’ full-throated approval?  In the meantime, here are some incredible Barbie-themed products I’ve found to make your wrapped-in-plastic bachelorette party fantastic.

This glassware that looks like it belongs in Barbie’s Dream House

IMO the bride deserves a special glass for all of the cocktails she’ll be having throughout the party. These adorable stems look like something Barbie would sip from poolside.

Shop it: Dragon Glassware x Barbie Wine Glasses, $44.99, Amazon

These tattoos that are straight out of Barbie World

Am I crazy for wanting to get that pair of lips tattooed on me permanently?!

Shop it: xo, Fetti Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos, $6.99, Amazon

A pair of drop earrings that are perfect for any Bridal Barbie

Are they over-the-top? Incredibly. But would I wear them to all of my bridal events, including to my shower, just to watch my mother’s eyes roll back in her head? 100%.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Bride Pearl Drop Earrings, $15.99, Amazon

Some cute, heart-shaped straws—because obviously

I mean, how *cute* would these look in a spritz glass?!

Shop it: The best MOON Heart Shaped Pink Straw, $12.99, Amazon

Heart balloons that are ideal for all your Barbie-inspired #content

What’s a bachelorette party without balloons? I literally want these heart-shaped foils all over my home.

Shop it: Hot Pink and Pink Heart Balloons, $11.99, Amazon

Diamond-shaped glasses, because the bridal party needs Barbie sh*t, too

Give your bridesmaids some love with these diamond-shaped glasses. It’s a bachelorette gift they’ll actually use again—unlike that “bride squad” trucker hat you made them wear.

Shop it: Dragon Glassware x Barbie Whiskey Glasses, $34.99, Amazon

Some sparkly curtains for your Barbie-themed photo shoots

Every bachelorette party needs a photo wall, and these streamers make the perfect backdrop.

Shop it: Boopati Pink & Rose Red Metallic Tinsel Fringe Curtains, $14.95, Amazon

These amazing pink sunglasses for your whole bride squad

These rimless glasses are like a cooler, more doll-like version of your go-to heart-shaped sunnies.

Shop it: Gaiatop Heart Sunglasses, $8.99, Amazon

This bead kit, because drinking isn’t the *only* bachelorette activity there is

Imagine coming home from a boozy brunch and making some friendship necklaces. IMO, that sounds like the best freakin’ bachelorette party *ever.*

Shop it: xo, Fetti Bead Kit, $13.99, Amazon

A pearl bow that *might* be cuter than a “bride” crown

Veils and plastic crowns are so 2022. Give your bridal look an upgrade with this Barbie-approved bow.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Pearl White Hair Bow, $13.99, Amazon

A sippy straw that will look amazing poking out of a margarita

How else will everyone know that you’re the bridal Barbie of the group?

Shop it: xo, Fetti XL Bride Straw, $7.99, Amazon

Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
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