Bachelorette Party Tanks That Aren’t Tacky

Ugh, bachelorette parties are so tacky. Like, no offense, but nothing good ever came from a swarm of girls in cork sole wedges trying to navigate the cobblestone streets of Hoboken or Nashville. Bachelorette party tanks that say shit like “Bride tribe” and satin “Mrs. To Be” sashes are simply not an option if you’re looking to pull in solid likes and comments on your bachelorette party Instagram pics. Lucky for you, we’ve created a line of Betchelorette tanks that you’ll actually be obsessed with, because it’s all inspired by stuff you already love. You’re welcome.

If You’re Obsessed With ‘The Office’…

Opt for our “I said yesh” and “that’s what she said” tanks. If you don’t get the reference, you can go sit in the annex with Toby. Byeeeee.

From Left: Shop Betches I Said Yesh flowy tank; Shop betches That’s What She Said flowy tank

If You Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Jersey Shore’…

We’ll give you the green light for your Atlantic City bachelorette party IF (and only if), you wear the “I said yeahhh buddy” and “she said yeahhh buddy” tanks. Anything else will make you look like a dirty little hamster.

From left: Shop Betches I Said Yeahhh Buddy flowy tank; Shop Betches She Said Yeahhh Buddy flowy tank

If You Honestly, Personally Love ‘KUWTK’…

If you say “OKURR” in the Khloé voice, you have our permission to wear these tanks, provided your fiancé isn’t a cheating piece of shit. Sorry, still not over it. Either way, you’re basically telling the world you like to go through your fiancé’s phone, and that’s a power move.

From left: Shop Betches She Said Okurrrr flowy tank; Shop Betches I Said Okurrrr flowy tank

If You’re SUCH A [Insert ‘SATC’ Character Here]…

I couldn’t help but wonder… if Charlotte met Trey on Hinge instead of in the middle of the street… would they have matched? Or would she have been stuck wading through a sea of Brooklyn baristas? Anyway, the “I said alrighty” and “she said alrighty” are perfect for the bridal parties of anyone who’s like, prob going to get divorced and marry a bald guy. I’m kidding. Kind of.

shop betches bachelorette party tanks

From left: Shop Betches She Said Alrighty flowy tank; Shop Betches I Said Alrighty flowy tank

If You Suck At Pop Culture References…

Maybe just fill up one of these tumblers and sip some prosecco until you’re drunk enough to pretend you’re in on the joke. One of your more pop culturally inclined friends can probably help you pick a nice emoji to use as a caption instead.

From left: Shop Betches Prosecc-Ho tumbler; Shop Betches Already Drunk tumbler; Shop Betches Feel The ‘Pagne tumbler

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Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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