Bachelorette Party Expectations Vs. Reality

I think we can all agree that unless you’re the one getting married, weddings are all-around terrible. For one, with every engagement comes at least 60 new questions from your parents about why you’re not dating anyone. For another, the wedding and all the other smaller parties leading up to the wedding are fucking expensive. Case in point: bachelorette parties. You might think the bachelorette party is the one good part about being in a bridal party, but you could be wrong. So very wrong. In theory the bachelorette party is great—it’s like a last girls night because after you’re married, begging for a crazy night at the club like the “good old days” is usually a sign of trouble in paradise. But in reality, much like New Year’s Eve, bachelorette parties are full of high expectations that are impossible to live up to. On the bright side, you’ll probably be too blackout to remember how much of a downer it was. Whether you’re getting married or it’s one of your best friends that’s getting married, you’re going to have to face a bachelorette party sooner or later. To prepare you for your bachelorette party experience, here’s a list of what you think it’s going to be like versus what it actually is.

Expectation: We are going to party like it’s our college days.

Miley partying


Reality: Everyone here knows we’re old.

White Chicks


Expectation: At 8pm, you’re like “we’re going to stay out all night and see the sunrise!”

Renee Zellweger Wine


Reality: At 11pm, you’re like “does anyone actually want to stay out?”

Britney Yawning


Expectation: We’re going to find some hot boys tonight.

Magic Mike Dance


Reality: Oh, now I see why we’re all in relationships, because all the single men in here suck.

Always Sunny Guys Flex


Expecation: Let’s go to a strip club, it’ll be fun!

Liz Lemon Let's Do This


Reality: How do guys like strip clubs so much, this is literally the worst.

Strip Club Reaction


Expectation: We’re all going to stay together and not get lost tonight.

High School Musical Finale


Reality: The group gets split up and everyone’s phone dies.



Expectation: Tonight is all about Becky/Ashley/Anna/insert name of bachelorette here!

bridesmaid toast


Reality: OMG why does everything have to be about her.

All About Me


Expectation: We’re going to get some great photos from tonight.

Oscar Selfie


Reality: Please delete every photo you took last night.

Teresa Giudice Delete


Expectation: We should try and get free drinks from every bar we go to.

Rob Schneider Slushie


Reality: People need to stop giving us free drinks.

Kristen Wiig Sleeping


Expectation: I am not going to spend too much tonight.

Real Housewives Budget


Reality: Why did I pay for us to ride a limo 4 blocks?

Old Hollywood Rich Woman


Expectation: It sucks that after marriage we can’t go out like this as much.

Broad City Party


Reality: I never want to do this again.

Jenna Maroney Shut It Down


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