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Alex And Chad From The Bachelorette Fought On Twitter Because They’re Both 12

There’s nothing better in this world than dumb straight men trying to use social media. This category pretty much includes every contestant on The Bachelorette, and this week, everyone’s favorite douchebag Chad got into it with Alex on Twitter. Because there was no new episode this week, we were on it faster than Chris Harrison can sense an awkward moment at a rose ceremony.

Chad went home a few weeks ago now, which is why it’s prime time for him to extend his 15 minutes of fame on social media, so here’s what happened:

As we’ve heard over and over again, both men have served in the military, which means they’re both big and strong and have to be the hero in any situation. The twitter fight started when Alex tweeted a video of himself in his Army uniform pouring a carton of milk down the sink, with the caption “I hate milk, except on cereal lol.”

Of course this harkens back to when Chad told Alex to have a glass of milk and calm the fuck down, and it seems like Alex has failed to take this advice. He also looks like a serial killer, so like, have fun with that JoJo.

Chad responded asking why Alex was wearing his uniform when he was supposedly discharged, but Alex said he wasn’t discharged and claimed he’s more legit military than Chad. Then Chad basically called Alex poor and unemployed, which might be kind of true? Honestly, we know less than nothing about the military, so it could be a cheap Halloween costume and we would never know.

It didn’t end there though because Alex, being a 12-year-old, went on a subtweeting rant.

So like we all know Chad is an asshole, but Alex really isn’t helping his case here. The fact that he’s spending his time subtweeting someone who went home week 4 means there’s like, a zero percent chance he wins, so sucks to suck.

However, “I’mma buy your whole family and make them my family” = my new go-to insult.