The Hottest Bachelors in Show History

After last night’s premiere of the Bachelor the Betches and ABC wanted to remember past bachelors but more importantly, past HOT bachelors, and rank them, obvi.

1. Sean Lowe

So blonde, so hot. This ray of sunshine and muscles kept us glued to our couches last season. Totally respect the fact that he’s still with Catherine, though it hasn’t been that long yet so like not thattt much respect.

2. Brad Womack

A man so nice he was a bachelor twice. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

3. Jesse Palmer

His season was beyond my years but he’s like super hot in 65% of his Google images, he has a really hot name, and he used to play for the New York Giants. I meannnnn…

4. Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka would be higher on this list if it weren’t for his iffy personality. Like yes he’s really hot and we respect his above average performance on Dancing with the Stars, but he definitely knows how to stir the pot as well.

5. Jason Mesnick

You can’t cheat on the girl you chose with the runner up and get number one on our hot list. But, you can get number 5. He’s a hot dad who doesn’t look like he is balding any time soon soooo we’re always down with that.

6. Ben Flajnik

Despite the fact that Ben is now the poster child for choosing the girl that is ‘here for the wrong reasons’, we have to say we’re kind of into that about him. It takes a special kind of man to say ‘to hell with everyone else, I’m gonna do what every guy at home claims he’d do if he was on The Bachelor… I’m picking the hottest girl on the show.’

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