You Probably Forgot These 'Bachelor in Paradise' Couples Are Still Together

With The Bachelorette starting soon, featuring American’s Minnesoooootan sweetheart, Becca K., I am predicting it will be super fucking dull. Which is actually a compliment to Becca, because it means she’s a very nice, normal girl who is unlikely to have a mental breakdown on national television. And let’s be real, if she was going to freak the fuck out, it probably would have been during the bullshit that was her un-proposal. So unless they are able to find the male Corinne to shake things up, I’m assuming we’ll be watching a nice, normal girl from Minnesota date nice, normal men. Boring AF. The real excitement is going to be the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, which will start later this summer. We know a whole slew of Arie’s rejects will be there (stoner Bekah, Raven look-alike and BFF Tia, Bibiana, and Seinne, to name a few), but will these bitches find love? In order to answer that, we had to look to which Bachelor in Paradise couples are actually together less than a year later. Going off how many Bachelor couples are still together, it seems like getting a bunch of singles drunk on an island actually makes for more lasting relationships than just letting one guy choose between 35 Laurens. Who knew?? Anyway, here are the Bachelor in Paradise couples who defied all odds and still talk to each other.

1. Derek & Emotionally Intelligent Taylor

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Full disclosure, Derek and Taylor were not one of my favorite Bachelor in Paradise couples, but they seem happy now so I guess I’m thrilled for them or whatever. I don’t think Taylor smiled the entire time in Paradise, and Derek is the poor man’s Jim Halpert. Sue me. Derek and Taylor got engaged on the After Paradise special last season, and judging by their Instagram posts, they are still together and take lots of free vacations. (Must be nice.) How much would you like to bet me that they’ll have a fake wedding on this season’s premiere of Paradise just like Carly and Evan, Lacy and Marcus, etc? (Sidenote: love that after their pretend wedding, Lacy stopped speaking to Marcus. Just iconic level ghosting.)

2. Raven & Adam

This relationship was confusing to me, mostly because Adam was the guy who brought his creepy AF little doll of himself on his season of The Bachelorette and again to Paradise. Shivers. Adam must finally be giving Raven orgasms, because they are shockingly still together. UsWeekly even reported a while back that they’re moving in together, so maybe we can add them to the docket of Paradise weddings. Even though initially I felt like Raven only chose Adam for more air time, now these two are one of the stronger Bachelor in Paradise couples. I don’t want to ask how the doll is involved in this.

3. Corinne & Demario (Sort Of)

Un-fucking-believably, Corinne and Demario spent Valentine’s Day together this year. I really did enjoy the After Paradise special where Corinne basically said, “I’m sorry I insinuated that you assaulted me, and I’m sorry for telling everyone about it. And I’m sorry for repeating it now.” The whole thing was crazy and unsettling and I will throw my TV out the window if we spend any time of the upcoming season discussing this bullshit again. Corinne and Demario don’t officially seem to be dating, but who knows? They did go to Disney together, and I feel like if you can remain friends with someone after a sexual misconduct scandal, anything is possible. What a great story for them to tell their kids one day.
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