Azealia Banks Freaks The Fuck Out on Plane, Spits in Man’s Face

So resident BSCB Azealia Banks – remember her feud with Igloo Australia – out-crazied herself on a plane this week. Seriously, if this girl had a penny for every public fight she's gotten into, she'd have enough money to buy one of her songs on iTunes.

She was flying from New York to Los Angelos, as a betch does, and the people in front of her were taking too long exiting the aircraft. Tbh, I get her frustration. Like have your coat ready to go, grab your carry-on, and GTFO – it's not that hard. But also, it's like 5 minutes and she probably needed to catch up on her Twitter notifications anyway.

Azealia says that she tried to “squeeze by” those people's glacial pace and the man then hit her. So, naturally she spit in his face and grabbed his shirt. Jesus, that escalated quickly. Then one of the flight attendants tried to get her to CTFO and grabbed her bag (read: not a Birkin). Azealia then pulled a Britney Spears circa 2007 and fell down. She also called the flight attendant a “fucking faggot” and referred to the man's behavior as “bitchassness.” Ah 21st Century poetry.

Nobody is pressing any charges, but I think Azealia should remember to bring a nice Xanax-Ambien cocktail for her next flight.




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