Azealia Banks Called Iggy Azalea Out On Twitter For Not Giving A Shit About Black People

So shit got a little too real last night on Twitter between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. Don't worry if you don't know who Azealia Banks is, she was supposed to be Iggy basically. Like she's a super bad-ass, bitchy rapper, but Iggy made it to American Top 40 first. This is like the music industry's version of when two girls show up to take pictures before a formal, wearing the same dress, and the girl who showed up first looks better in it, so the second girl runs home to change and ends up missing pictures and the pregame (sucks to suck).





Azealia Banks has been bitching about Iggy for the past year, and at first it was pretty entertaining because she didn't even put in the effort to subtweet – like she would have included Iggy's twitter handle but she didn't have enough characters.



Last night, Azealia Banks took this to the next fucking level and called out Iggy for mimicking black culture in her songs but not supporting black issues (cough cough Michael Brown and Eric Garner). She's super pissed because Iggy has pretty much appropriated the weird urban accent that she sings with and twerking, but DGAF about race problems. Regardless of her actual argument (go to CNN if you want to talk about politics), this was shady as fuck.

Azealia Banks refers to Iggy as “Igloo Australia” which tbh, is pretty fucking funny. Like it's not at all subtle, but also sends the message that Banks didn't even bother to learn her name. She acknowledges that she's being “petty,” (which like yeah but so what?) and still wants to throw a jar of her own pee at Iggy – like a mason jar? Betches don't engage in actual physical violence because we saw what happened to Snooki on Jersey Shore, but I'd pay to see this happen.

She then pulls a Kanye at the 2009 VMA's and brings Nicki Minaj into the feud. She calls Nicki “a rap beast,” and I've listened to Anaconda too many times to pretend to hate Nicki at this point. But Azealia Banks then compares Igloo to the KKK. Quick reminder this is at like 11pm last night, so Azealia Banks was probs crossfaded as fuck.

Iggy finally showed up to the best Twitter Feud of 2014 (sorry Amanda Bynes) and tried to be super fucking passive aggressive with the “I was at rehearsal” excuse. But then she went HAM with the political route. She shut down Azealia Banks like the adult she actually is, and basically said: sit the fuck down on Twitter, and actually fucking do something you whiny troll.





So Iggy took the mature betch route: Don't be mean, be smarter than the haters. But tbh, I wanted this to get petty as fuck. Your move Azealia Banks – please keep it interesting so we can procrastinate finals.


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