Avril Lavigne Is Stalking Taylor Swift’s Tumblr, Clearly

In a desperate attempt for anyone to GAF about her, Avril Lavigne (aka “the woman who thought the lead singer of Nickelback was attractive”) dug deep this week to try and throw some shade at Taylor Swift’s insta. You see, apparently a Swift fan posted a legitimately funny pic comparing Switfy’s closeness with her fans to celebs who are awkward AF with her fans, and included a pic of Avril Lavigne looking like she’s just as confused that she’s not in 2001 as we are.

Swift ‘liked’ the pic because, as any social media savvy betch knows, sometimes you just ‘like’ shit because you’re in it.

Well Avril, who is fully 30 btw, took to Twitter to show everyone that Taywor huwt her feewings and shared some shitty collage of her hugging fans and looking like a horrifying pop punk ghost woman.



But guess what, sk8r girl, all any of this shows is that you need to chill the fuck out. Taylor liked a tumblr post. She’s one of the most famous artists in pop music right now, do you honestly think she gives a fuck about you? I’d say this whole thing calls for a big “why are you so obsessed with me?” from Taylor. Avril, why don’t you go home and focus on the fact that Deryk Whibley looks like a horrifying troll now and that Hello Kitty music video is still one of the worst things anyone has ever seen.


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