Avocado Beer Is The Newest Basic Drink To Sweep The West Coast

Betches don’t like beer, because beer is for bros and fat cartoon characters (and probably also fat real people).  But for whatever reason, nice girls are always looking for excuses to pretend they like beer by creating non-traditional beers they can drink (because real beer tastes like cardboard and is full of carbs). This time, it’s avocado beer.

The bars in California have started selling avocado beer, and I mean, it’s not the worst thing but it’s definitely still beer. Years ago someone decided avocados were good for you, and then basic bitches went crazy putting it on everything. It was like we were all Regina George on her all-carb diet and forgot that avocados were making us all fat (but like, healthy fat!). Ugh, don’t remind us.

Mean Girls Lose 3 Pounds

Anyway, now someone’s decided to combine beer and avocado and it’s sooo basic we thought it was a joke tbh. But it’s so real that they even threw an Avocado and Beer Festival in LA to promote the beer.

Calling all the basic bitches

It’s not even football season yet, so honestly you shouldn’t be drinking beer. The good thing about avocado beer is it’s apparently limited release, even though we don’t really believe that since it’s at like every bar in LA. So even though it’s basic, it’s like cronut basic. We hope you don’t line up for it, but you’ll probably have one at some point and realize it’s overrated and go back to drinking clear alcohol instead.


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