Audrina Patridge Drunk Cries In Public: Commits Betch Faux Pas

Audrina made a serious betch faux pas when she cried in public on Saturday night after a Halloween party. She was seen outside of Hyde with her boyfriend, Corey Bohan. Looks like Corey told Audrina her costume sucked and she went all bat shit crazy betch on him.

All jokes aside about her costume (WTF is she supposed to be? A slutty biker chick? LMK) she tried telling TMZ that the reason she was having her little meltdown was because her contacts hurt and Uber was taking forever to come pick her up. Right. Next time at least come up with a more creative excuse. Like Lauren Conrad called you and said she likes Heidi more than you now…or you found out Justin Bobby got married. You really never get over that first love. Or JB's bed head.




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