Nicegirls Rejoice: Disney Movies Are Coming To Netflix

Are you a betch that frequently wears Minnie Mouse ears and cries tears of happiness each time you walk into Disneyworld? Do you dream of animated love with Prince Charming? Well then I have absolutely nothing in common with you, but Netflix is making your life.

Starting this fall, Netflix will be streaming all of the recent Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel movies. Bad news: You won’t be able to orgasm over Aladdin because it’s limited to recent movies. Good news: You can at least sing along to Elsa in that fucking Frozen movie. Which may be bad news after all.

For all of you nicegirls, this is a G-rated wet dream. I mean, your Netflix and chill sessions are going to be SO kinky now! “Babe, rub my genie in the bottle!”

And any guys dating nicegirls, totally acceptable to walk in front of moving traffic at the Disney Parade.


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