Betchy Athlete Of The Week: Jason Day

Despite its boring reputation, golf has more than its share of betchy characters.

The most famous of whom is Tiger Woods, the cheating extraordinaire. Then there's Dustin Johnson, who was suspended from the PGA Tour from rumored cocaine addiction…and sleeping with the other players' wives.

And then there's Jason Day.

Until recently, you weren't the only betch to ask “who the fuck is that?” He's not as well-known in the world of golf. He just won his first major in August at the PGA Championship. But he did this after recovering from alcoholism at the age of twelve.

Yup, the Australian golfer was a rebel with a cause, and an alcoholic before high school.

After Day's dad died of stomach cancer, he started sneaking out and drinking obscene amounts. He was a complete (self-admitted) fuck. He was shipped to boarding school, got his life back together, and joined the PGA Tour.

And now Day is a multimillionaire, with a betchy wife and cute AF kid.

Good on you, J.D.


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