Ashton Kutcher Explains Why He Named His Female Child Wyatt

Ashton Kutcher gave his first interview as a father on Conan last night, and I'm still not over the fact this man procreated. So he starts off really cute, and then admits that he came up with Wyatt during a game of “name tourettes”.

Hey Wyatt what's the story behind your name? — Well my dad – Ashton Kutcher (ever heard of him?) – had a mental break during a basketball game where he and my mom were deciding between “door” and “Wyatt”.

He and Mila also purchased every web address, Twitter handle, and Instagram user name with any possible combination of the names Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, because Ashton doesn't want porn websites/accounts to have his daughter's name. Yeah sure it's self centered, but maybe the most thoughtful thing parents can do for their children in the 21st century. She's going to thank them so much when she's 13 and doesn't have to make her username wYaTt__KuTcHeR83775038309484.




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