Ashley Tisdale Dyed Her Hair and We Hate It

Ashley Tisdale's mild amount of celebrity has put her newest hair disaster on our radars. Unfortunately. Not only did she decide to do an ombre dye about two years after it was in fashion, she made the ombre fucking lavender. I would think that Sharpay Evans would know better than to dye her hair a spring/summer color during the first week of October. The last celebrity I saw with purple hair was Amanda Bynes in her mug shot – is this really the hair path that you want to follow Ashley? Those of us who are probs nostalgic for the days of not having to pay bills and watching Disney Channel might have seen Sharpay post her new hair on instagram (and nostalgia would literally be the only acceptable reason for following this girl on insta).

It’s almost like she knew how bad it was because in the post she’s hiding it by pulling it up in a messy bun, sort of like how on a bad hair day we wear hats or give up and put it in a ponytail. This is literally what she is doing. If you are going to dye your hair the color of my Easter dress you better fucking own it. Then, in the second photo she buries her head in the pillow, obvs she is ashamed of this def drunken decision. Hollywood records show that purple hair is a dark indication of the future and it also a sign of impending irrelevance. This has been proven by Raven Symone, Amanda Bynes, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osborne, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato. All have experimented with purple hair dye and none of them fucking matter.



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