Ashley Benson Sticks Needles In Her Vagina

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson and her boobs attended a Reem Acra show at the Lincoln Center the other night, which is not a thing anyone should care about, ever. The New York Post, diligent in their pursuit of exemplary journalism, caught up with and interviewed Ms. Benson anyway. Did you know that if you comment on her vine’s about looking like she’s at the airport at 5 am (when she’s at the airport, at 5 am), she’ll take them down? It’s true. There was also this tidbit:

She also dished on her new secret weapon: acupuncture. “I do it on my back and private parts,” Benson said with a laugh. “It relieves anxiety.”

POKE HER RIGHT IN THE VAGINA! Seriously though, you can’t tell me putting a needle anywhere near the genitals would do anything but increase anxiety. Stars – they really are just like us.

If she’s interested, I can think of something else she could put in her vagina to relieve anxiety.


(not gonna do it)

[sigh] … I’m talking about my penis.


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