This Tweet Proves Arie Luyendyk Jr. Is Nick Viall 2.0

Chris Soules may be the OG Nick Viall when it comes to stealing the title of The Bachelor from someone. Wait, I take that back. Chris may have run into some legal trouble this year, but at least he isn’t entirely undatable. Yes, I’m looking at you, Nick!

My point is, the rando/guy we all forgot about they chose to be the next Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., got screwed out of the job years ago, and his spot went to Soules instead. You know, like how Luke Pell had his bags packed for L.A. and then the job went to Nick? Well, Arie is saying that same thing happened to him.

Arie And Luke

He tweeted about it a year ago. By that time, everyone had forgotten about him after he lost to Jef on Emily Maynard’s season. Side note: is spelling your name “Jef” with one F more or less embarrassing than spelling it as “Geoff”?

Arie whatever his last name is told Us Magazine, also a fucking year ago, the Luke situation gave him flashbacks: “Same exact deal. I just knew two days prior, but same deal: suit fittings; contracts that I signed, but they were delayed on signings on their end; booked flights. Maybe this is a common practice now to throw off fans — I don’t know.”

Of course, nobody cared that he had been passed over just like Luke when this story broke last year because, once again, nobody remembered who he was. Honestly, I still don’t really remember who he is and I watched that whole season religiously.

I Don't Know Her

Anyway, I guess he wasn’t too scorned by the whole ordeal because he decided to take the job five years after the fact. Time heals all wounds, eh, Arie?

It kind of seems like this guy is made to be a runner-up, right? Like, Emily didn’t want him, then the producers didn’t want him, now the rest of America doesn’t want him because we’re all still pining for Peter. Change our mind during your season, man. We’re all rooting for you, kind of.