Ariana Grande’s Fake Dad Won The Internet

This weekend it looked like Ariana Grande's dad (Edward Butera) got real aggressive with Big Sean's Instagram. Sean posted a selfie (deal breaker) with the caption “I give her that D…#Detroit.” Her dad commented “That D. better be Detroit Sean.” The next family dinner is going to be awkward. I wonder how Mr. Butera feels about Sean's “million dollar girl with a billion dollar pussy.”



I give her that D… #Detroit

A photo posted by BIGSEAN (@bigsean) on


But plot twist, Ariana Grande's people declared that it was a fake Instagram account that posted the comment. Because it's totally normal to make an Insta for a celebrity's non-famous father and troll her boyfriend. But also props to whoever did this for the best fake Instagram comment of all time and making people lose their shit on the Internet.


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