Ariana Grande STILL Hates Her Fans

At this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge that Ariana Grande’s fans bug the shit out of her, but now she’s getting the police involved.  Basically this 29-year-old guy is obsessed with Ari and sends her gifts and shit all the time, so she had the cops give him a harassment warning.  This doesn’t sound that messed up, but my favorite part is the list of crap he sent to her:

–       Yankee candles

–       Dog and cat calendars

–       Mirror set from Kmart (ew)

–       A $200 anklet

–       A 42.5 pound pumpkin

–       A rock from some mountains in New Hampshire

Yeah, you read that right.  He sent her a fucking rock.  Obviously this guy sounds a little messed up, but calling the police on a devoted fan was probably not the publicity Ariana needs right now, especially after wearing cat ears for the entire Love Me Harder video.  I guess all we can hope for is that if the guy gets arrested, he demands to have his mugshot taken from the left side.




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