Ariana Grande Skipped A Charity Event Because Of Ebola

So, adding to the list of annoying celebrities who don’t understand how Ebola is transmitted, our girl Ariana Grande dipped out on a charity event she was supposed to perform at last Wednesday because one person out of the 8.4 million that live in New York City has contracted Ebola. Ariana pulled the ultimate plan cancelling move by not informing anyone that she wasn’t coming until the event was well underway. Oops.

[Insert “one less problem without cha” joke]

The event was held in order to raise money for education in developing nations, though based on AG’s understanding of how diseases are spread, we might need to be raising money for education right here at home. And just a reminder guys, for Ariana to have contracted Ebola during her stay in NYC or the flight over to NYC someone with Ebola would have to vomit, shit, or bleed into her mouth, which seems pretty unlikely. Then again, idk what Ariana gets into on her down time, so maybe this was a legit threat. She also cancelled a trip to Spain too, NBD. 




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