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Trying To Decide If I Actually Ship Tarayummy And Zach Justice

What’s more romantic than an influencer love story? I can’t think of anything. In my dreams, I’m living my best TikTok sensation life, lip-syncing and dancing poorly for my millions of followers with my TikToker partner who’s famous for being hot. In all seriousness, we need to discuss the latest *potential* TikTok romance story: Sparks seem to be flying between edgy internet It Girl Tarayummy — yes, that’s her username — and podcast bro/comedian Zach Justice. If you’ve watched or listened to a single episode of their podcast Dropouts, you know that it’s physically impossible for them to have a conversation without flirting. In fact, the will-they-won’t-they dynamic is kind of the foundation of the show.

Soooo, will they or won’t they? Have they already? To what extent? The fans have questions and are getting impatient. I examined the exact nature of Tara and Zach’s relationship and came up with my own hot take on the extremely important matter.

Are Tarayummy And Zach Justice Dating?

Tara And Zach Are Just Friends For Now… Allegedly


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Despite aggressively flirting all the time and even titling a podcast episode “Flirting with Tara Yummy for 62 minutes and 38 seconds,” Tara and Zach supposedly aren’t dating. Tara has repeatedly claimed that her relationship with him is purely platonic for now. When she appeared on Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield’s Canceled podcast, she commented on the dating rumors. Tara admitted, “Everyone just wants us together… All my friends, down to my cousins are texting me. They’re like, ‘You and Zach are low-key…”

She trailed off as Tana interjected, “The, like, hate-flirting is so hot and fun.” Yes queen, say what we’re all thinking. Tara replied, “It’s not even flirting, it’s just I hate him.” Oh girl. Tana said it best: “That’s what they all say.” I dare say Tara’s in a denial stage or just realllly leaning into the podcast marketing strategy.

I Frankly Do Not Want Want Tara To Date Zach


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Listen. Like Tana, I love a little hate-flirting. It happens to be one of my passions. And I thoroughly enjoy Tara and Zach’s ridiculous banter on Dropouts. That being said, the super popular TikTok girlie recently got out of a five-year relationship with YouTube star Jake Webber. She’s in her freshly single era and she’s also in her blowing-the-fuck-up era. Tara’s up to more than eight million followers on the app and teenage girls everywhere (teenage is a loose term in this context) are completely obsessed with her. It’s Tara Time right now. Also, Zach dated his last dark-haired female cohost Indiana Massara, and it would feel a bit weird if he dated her replacement. My verdict: Tara should enjoy the single life.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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