Are Scheana And Adam Dating? These Instagrams Are Suspect

Although most of them pretend like they don’t have that much going on while filming beyond SUR, the Vanderpump Rules cast is really trying to capitalize off of their 15 minutes of fame. Sure, most of them aren’t doing what they moved to Hollywood to do (remember when Katie wanted to start a record label and Jax wanted to start a sweater line? Talk about a #tbt), but they seem to have some legit side hustles. Stassi has her own podcast and recently created a legit holiday, National #OOTD Day. Tom and Tom have TomTom. Lala has two movies coming out soon. Katie and Kristen have their blogs, and Kristen has that T-shirt line. Sure, those aren’t super respectable, but they’re the kind of jobs your trust fund friend has to make it seem like she’s not paying for her $4,000 West Village apartment and trip to Burning Man on daddy dearest’s dime. Jax has that fictional job in Tampa. Scheana’s side hustle? Getting more attention. Oh, and that Las Vegas show was a last resort for anyone who couldn’t get tickets to see Britney. Or Blue Man Group. Or even Criss Angel. But if there’s one thing Scheana is good at (because singing is not one of them), it’s figuring out how to attention and stay on our radar even in the off-season.

Last time we talked about Scheana, we legit thought she found love in a hopeless place with an equally hopeless Robby Hayes. They were spotted holding hands in Hawaii, coincidentally around the time that Vanderump Rules started filming again. We thought they’d live happily ever after and their happily ever after would be sponsored by Diff eyewear and SugarBearHair vitamins. But we were wrong, because Scheana of all people pulled one over on us, since it looks like she’s dating Adam.

Yes, that Adam. The really, really ridiculously good-looking Zoolander wannabe with hair that definitely requires more maintenance than Sandoval’s. How can we forget that Scheana tried to shove him down Brittany’s throat like it was beer cheese and Jax’s wandering dick? (Too far?) Well it looks like since Brittany didn’t want Adam, Scheana decided to go for him herself.

We noticed that Scheana featured Adam a lot on her Instagram stories whenever she was picking up shifts at SUR. But upon a little more digging, it seems as though she’s been liking every single one of his Instagrams. She did the same with Rob. But she didn’t do that with Robby.

Also curious? Robby and Adam follow each other on Instagram. So it looks like Robby and Scheana were merely a publicity stunt. And it was a far more realistic publicity stunt than, say, Jonathan Cheban and Corinne Olympios canoodling together. Corinne is as convincing as a beard as she was convincing Bachelor Nation that she was in love with Nick Viall.

And the final evidence? Scheana and Adam’s pics together. I present to you Exhibits A and B:

And five hours later, Adam is pictured.

And lastly, Exhibit C.

80’s were SURgical ????????????#SURgicalsummer

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Pictures are worth a thousand words (emojis suffice too). And when it comes to Scheana, they’re probably worth 10,000 words because she’s addicted to talking about herself.

We gotta say, while it’s surprising that Scheana is clearly with Adam, it’s far more surprising that Scheana pulled one over on us. Usually, when I try to get attention, I just get drunk off a bunch of double vodka Red Bulls, not wear a bra in public, and the night turns into a shit show of self-sabotage from there on. So I gotta respect Scheana’s manipulative tactics here so that all eyes are on her. She may even put Stassi’s Machiavellian strategies to shame.

Images: spottmeagram, scheana / Instagram