Apple's FaceTime Bug Might Ruin All Your Friendships

Attention all sh*t-talkers, gather round. It has come to our attention that the very device that allows us to amplify our smack talk has turned against us. Our very iPhones are revealing private moments to people FaceTiming in on us and it couldn’t be a worse nightmare. That’s right, there’s a new iPhone bug that allows people to see you and hear what you are saying before you actually answer the call. So that means, say, if your boss calls and you’re like “oh sh*t, it’s my psycho boss, let me get dressed” she will be able to hear that and see that you are doing this video chat without pants on. This is a disaster.

Apple has disabled Group FaceTime and is currently working to fix the bug, but they weren’t made aware of it before unfurling this billboard in Las Vegas, which has to go down in history as the most ironic billboard of all time.

I can’t help but wonder if this is an elaborate marketing scheme for Androids. Of course, they’re going to have to destroy more than my sense of security and my social relationships if they think I’m ever going to rep the green text.In the meantime, maybe stop talking sh*t till this bug gets fixed. Lol JK. Just stick to gossiping the old fashioned way: via groupchat.

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