App of the Week: Tinder for Food

We are already big fans of any app that bring us our post-blackout recovery nosh (actually we are not a fan of those when we happen to use them DURING the blackout, health class was right drinking does impair your judgment).

Every betch is familiar with food delivery apps like Seamless, GrubHub, Caviar or Postmates. But this one, ChefNightly, goes a step further. It was clearly made for betches, pros and alcoholics because you don’t even have to tell it what you want to order or even pick a restaurant to order from. Tinder-style it suggests food and you click yes or no. And Netflix-style it learns your preferences so overtime only meals specific to your taste will be offered.

Although currently ChefNightly is only launched in Boston, it is certainly betches-approved because anything that helps us continue to NGAF while concurrently getting exactly what we want immediately is okay by our book.

Summary: ChefNightly literally tells you what to eat, orders it and then delivers it to you. #BetchesApproved.


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