App of the Week: The Betchiest New Dating App

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, they all have their pros and cons (The best pros being the ones they helped us hook up with.) But the newest kid in town, The League, is super betchy and is our new favorite dating app.

Its main cachè is that it is ultra exclusive. The word on the street is that it’s all guys from the Street (Wall Street if you are a basic and didn’t get that), and as I’m sure you know betches love investment bankers. They have some magic algorithm that automatically sorts out the ugos and creepers, and there’s even a long waiting list, which are all good signs. Side note, it also hides you from any of your friends or coworkers, which is clutch because no one wants the office hottie to think they are desperate (but who are they to judge, they were on Tinder too?).

Exclusivity, sluttiness, NGAF-ness, “The League” seems to meet the betchy standards. So go out there and download your 3rd or 4th app, where the sole purpose is to judge people.


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