App Of The Week: Snapchat For Cheaters

I know, I know, Snapchat is already a forum for sending dick pics and every other type of nudie all the creepers out there can come up with. The app I’m talking about is called Snapsolve, and it literally lets students take a picture of a “homework” problem, AKA test problem, and some nerd will reply with the answer.

2 Questions:

First, where was this last year when I was still in school??? Second, if you are in school and are not using this for everything, what is wrong with you?

Like really, kids these days are so privileged and they don’t even realize it. To cheat all they have to do is take a picture now? I literally can’t even. I guess this is just the digital age expanding into every single nook and cranny.

But hey, Snapsolve is certainly #BetchesApproved because it A) Lets us NGAF and B) Be perfect without even trying.


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