The Skyscanner App Lets You Find Cheap Flights All Over Europe

For those of you who have already gone through the betchy college rite of passage—the year abroad “learning about new cultures”, you probs have already used Skyscanner. But for those of you so young that this is the first time that you will see how awesome single Kourtney K is, pay attention.

Skyscanner is the best app for finding cheap flights, especially in Europe. The app is great; it lets you search for flights from a specific location to either another specific city or to something general like “everywhere.” (Fucking duh) Searching for flights to everywhere literally lets you see what places are cheapest during your selected dates (which you can also search in a flexible fashion, i.e. by whole weeks or months instead of specific dates). This is crucial when you are studying aboard in Europe because you can maximize your allowance by being flexible on when you go places. Whether you go to Prague this weekend or next weekend it doesn’t matter, you are still going to Prague.

Oh and a fun feature on the mobile app is that it lets you see your search results on a map so you can see geographically what the prices are to all the lovely European locales.


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