App of the Week: Sit the Fuck Down

You know, sometimes 10 or 15 year-old rap is just what you need. Nothing is better than some Nelly or Ying Yang Twins when you are reaching just the right level of turnt. This is apparently true in the app world too, because who would’ve guessed it but Russell Simmons just came out with an app.

Self described as something that will help you to “sit the fuck down”, this app “Meditation Made Simple” is now available on the App store for us all to enjoy

This is obviously the most hilarious thing that any of the nerds at TechCrunch have seen in a while because they still posted a front-page article about it even though the app is literally just an “audio companion” to Simmons’ book about his expertise in meditation.

The app is clearly just a grab to capture as much money as possible from all the dumb dumbs trying to “find themselves” who also think that Russell Simmons (lets repeat that, Russell Simmons) is the guru who knows everything about meditation.

But hey, creating an app that literally has no value and claiming that it will change people’s lives by telling them to “sit the fuck down” is pretty betchy. I’ll return the favor and throw my boy Russell a big ol’ #BetchesApproved.


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