App of the Week: MassageNow

Sometimes a betch just needs to take a break from thinking about herself to relax and get a massage. But not a massage that you schedule in advance, because let's say you have a minor panic attack after your DVR forgot to record RHONY, you need a massage NOW. That's where our new fav app, MassageNow comes in.

^Those are hot stones, so you know she is fucking relaxed.

It's kind of like Gilt, but for same-day massages, facials, and waxes. And we're not talking about a walk-in 10 minute chair massages from your Asian nail lady around the corner, we're talking like, a serious spa treatment complete with lemon water and a sauna to help you feel so insanely Zen.

So far the app is only in San Francisco and New York City, but that's okay because if you're not here you have bigger issues than finding a good massage deal. The spas on the app are legit chic – for example Nuansa Spa, Townhouse Spa in NYC, and Bliss Spa, Pure Organic Spa in SF – so even though the massages are less expensive (up to 40% off), they're not actually cheap. (Which we consider to be a good thing.) You can filter by location so you don't have to go far from your apartment and also book really short in advance, like an hour.

This app is actually going to be dangerous for my bank account. If you download now you could be face down on a massage table in less time than it takes to watch two Friends reruns. We'll even help you get started: use code BETCHES20 to get $20 off your first massage. Thank us later. 


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