App Of The Week: Edit Your Life to KUWTK Status

We all know that Instagram vids suck. They are either shaky 3-second shots from last night at the club or hour-long streams from some mom showing off her pathetic kids. A new app, Ferris, wants to change that.

Recognizing that most of the videos we take on our phones never get shared because you either have to be a graphic design nerd to know how to make that shit look pro or a dumb ass to just post as is, this app does most of the heavy lifting automatically. The fact that this app will literally edit all those “memories” from Coachella into something coherent is great; but get this, it also allows you to collaborate with your friends! This is really the first app that lets you mix videos from different people easily. So if your social media profile doesn’t look like an episode of KUWTK, there are really no excuses left.

Basically you upload your videos to this app, your friends add to your creation and then you post it to whatever social media channel suits your fancy. The only thing left to do is sit back and watch the likes roll in. 

Ferris=betches approved.


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