App of the Week: DGAF On Your #Eurotrip2015

Having just returned my own #Eurotrip2015 last week, I could’ve used this app while I was over there. Detour is a “GPS triggered audio-guide” app, which means that you don’t even have to do research anymore to find out where the sites are. (Who am I kidding, the only research you did was find out where you can get blackout for under 20 euros, which makes this app even more valuable because while you are walking around blackout it will tell you where the nearest ancient church is.)

The “GPS-triggered” aspect is the most interesting part of Detour, because as you walk around the app will know where you are and tell you what is near you. I love this because you can literally just wander around and the app will find dope stuff for you, anything to help us NGAF.

And finally, if you use Detour your instas will look like a pro-travel blogger since you will get that perfect combo of random little cobblestoned streets and boring old monuments—all with zero planning.


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