App of the Week: The Instawhore Helper

Betches realize that we need to have a top-notch social media profile. This means good pics, tons of good pics. And we are willing to do whatever it takes to get the best shot possible, filters, Photoshop, cropping, shadows, whatever is needed.

But one thing that many apps have ignored is the actual original photo. Everybody already helps us edit whatever shit we have in the camera roll, but what about helping us take a better picture in the first place so we can stop wasting our lives choosing filters? Camera51 does just that. It will literally tell you where to point the camera and when to press shoot. And the great thing is that it puts boxes up on the screen and then you just move the phone to make the boxes line up.

The only questionable thing is that their website shows people taking pics of deer in the woods, who the fuck does that? If this app becomes a success it will be thanks to all of the turnt betches out there taking some fucking good selfies.


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