App of The Week: Bitstrips

At first glance, Bitstrips looks like it was designed for an eight year old Chinese girl, but then again, so were Tomagachi’s so whatever. Regardless of their age range or utility, bitstrips have quickly entered our group chats and become the most fun time-suck of texting since trying to analyze why the three dots disappeared.

Why do we love bitstrips?  Sure, emojis are classic, but why stop at a tiny kissing face when you can accent your excitement with three forms of “I Love You” and a “Sexy Time” emoji who’s outfit you can match to yours? Bitstrips have elevated our texting game to the next level.

When creating your bitstrip, you may find yourself tempted to alter your appearance to a more ideal version of yourself, but your friends will call you out on the group chat if you get too creative. If you’re an A cup, stick to the small chest, this isn’t Heidi Montag’s virtual reality. And hint, unless you’re a pro basketball player or walking runways in Milan, you’ll probably never need the Tallest option.

There’s always one friend in the group that hasn’t heard about bitstrips yet and thinks that you are all just excellent at Google Searching images. When you first discover it, you’ll be tempted to stop socializing at the bar and create your own avatar, and whatever, most people you meet out are boring anyway. Once you pick your avatar, the only thing you really need to change again is the outfit or the hair – but what you set as your standard says a lot about how you think other people see you.

Warning about bitstrips and bros– once you bring your guy friends into the mix, you’ll pretty receive at least one of these a day, if not more. Guys might have trouble expressing their emotions via words, but for whatever reason they have no problem sending you a cartoon image of themselves blowing a heart in your direction. Sure, maybe it’s ironic to them, but oh, the irony is not lost on you.

Whoever created this app also has a sick sense of humor – case in point is the bitstrip of you holding your bleeding heart out in a blood soaked shirt. Um? But you can finally drunk text your ex and let him know how you feel without using any words.  So, thank you?  In any case, our only criticism is that there aren’t really that many options just yet, and we’ve already exhausted most of them, so we hope they introduce some more very soon.


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