WTF: Anti Freeze Chemical Found In Fireball

Some pretty irrelevant countries made the news yesterday, but it involved alcohol so we kinda give a shit. Sweden and Finland recalled every betch's fav kind of whiskey, Fireball, because apparently the chemical that's in anti freeze can also be found in it. AKA the shit they put in car engines. We knew blacking out clearly isn't good for our bodies (and our sunday morning regrets) but we never actually thought it would come to this.

If you're a crazy betch and plan on continuing to drink Fireball, don't worry – it won't be recalled in the U.S. We're obvs chill AF here and the United States' Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (basically some official government bros) allows this chemical in small amounts.

Nothing more betchy (and American) than putting a love for whiskey above all.

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