The Betches Guide To Answering The Late Night You Up? Text

The You Up? text is a text that every betch has received or sent in her lifetime. Our relationship with the You Up? text is hot and cold, much like our relationship with the bro that sends it. We use relationship loosely because only a delusional dater would think a text thread of mostly “you up?” sent after midnight with an SAB constitutes a “relationship.”

That being said, the You Up night text has it’s merits. Here’s when we love getting this late night text:

Casual Long Term Hookup

You’re in between relationships and you’re not looking to get into anything serious. You’re thoroughly enjoying the single betch life but you don’t want to increase your number. Enter the casual hookup bro. He’s a bro you hooked up with that you never saw a future with. The sex is great but you have no desire to go rock climbing or like, take a cooking class with him. Basically, your daytime hours are better spent elsewhere. You enjoy going out with your friends without him, and you text him late night to meet up if he’s still awake. His apartment is pretty nice and uh… you think he works in finance? Whatever, it’s totally chill.

The Bro-Friend

He’s a friend that you hooked up with on a whim one night and it actually wasn’t that bad. You’re probably already on a group text thread with him and a few others. You’ve thought about dating him at one point, but then you really got to know him and realized he does not have his shit together.  Or maybe he’s a co-worker and it’s like, not worth it. You text each other late night because, why not?  You probably hang out during the day because you’re in the same intramural soccer league and you have no problem Tindering in front of each other.

The You Up text is great when it’s actually casual and like, no feelings are involved. We said it was hot and cold, and sometimes it’s fucking cold. If you’re getting a You Up text and you find yourself asking “Should I respond?” to your friends, then you may be in a Not Really Casual situation. If you screenshot any of your convo or go on airplane mode to ignore him, then it’s definitely NRC.


The NRC bro is a close cousin of the SAB, but slightly different.  You tell everyone you just want something casual, but when you say ‘both’, you mean just him. He says he doesn’t want anything serious, but then he buys you Chipotle and introduces you to his friends from home so it’s like fucking confusing.  You may or may not have looked up your horoscope compatibility online or thought “who the fuck is she” about the girl in his latest Insta.  You text him with as little letters and punctuation as possible just to show how much you DGAF. For example:

NRC: yo you up?
You: ya
NRC: wanna come ovr?
You: sure
NRC: sweet doors open
You: k

We’d tell you to stop texting this bro, but you’re not going to listen to us. And you’re still going to go over there when he texts you “You Up?”  Last time we checked, no text sent after 2am should be described as “sweet” but whatever you want to tell your friends. Regardless, this is the one You Up texter you should be blocking. But you won’t.

In short, the You Up text is betchy because it shows you don’t care and it’s super casual. It’s also like efficient, and you’re always soooo busy.  Just remember, if you want him to come over, respond with “just got home” and if you want to go over, use “yeah, im at [insert bar] but leaving soon.”  And if you don’t want to see him, don’t respond. Fucking duh.