Anne Hathaway Says People Needed a Break From Her and She’s Right

Anne Hathaway took a break from nearly drowning on the beaches of Hawaii to tell the Huffington Post why she hasn't been in any movies lately. Besides like, the three movies she's been in this year. “My impression is that people needed a break from me,” said Anne in the most accurate display of self-awareness we've seen from her to date. Honestly, I just needed a break from hating Anne Hathaway (this shit gets exhausting, it should be a full time job people!) but I'm not sure she entirely got the memo. She was still doing annoying shit like fake candid shots for the papparazzi, putting dog shit on photographers cars, and wearing excessive amounts of purple. A better break for Anne would be for her to go to Broadway where her inane sense of entitlement and enthusiasm would be more respected. But if the shot below from her newest movie is any indication, out work making fun of her is far from over. Ugh, this shit should come with health insurance. 


Source: E!


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