Anne Hathaway Refuses To Shake Reporter’s Hand For Fear Of Ebola

Anne Hathaway is doing all of this crazy press for her Matthew McConaughey's new movie “Interstellar”, but refused to shake a journalist's hand today. This is a sign to Anne that her resting betch face isn't quite ready for the world yet – people aren't getting the hint that she doesn't give a fuck. Apparently, Anne didn't want to touch this guy because she thought he had Ebola. That journalist decided to start a Twitter war.

I really want to know how gross somebody has to look for you to think they have Ebola. Is it the typical post international flight with a hangover lack of hygiene, or the more extreme completely disgusting look sported by computer science majors? Homeboy took it to the next level and decided that Anne didn't like him because he was from Argentina and ethnic.  He started #IAmAThirdWorldJournalist and basically called Anne out for being the only actor that didn't fawn all over him. Just because Anne only makes movies that white people like, doesn't make her a racist.

TBH I'm going to start using this as my go to excuse when I don't want to talk to people from now on. “Sorry, but I can't be within ten feet of you, because I think you have Ebola.” Points for Anne's betchy evolution.




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