Anne Hathaway Admits Fame Fucked Her Up

Anne Hathaway has seen the light. Betches Love This completed the exorcism of the century and have cured Anne of her nice girl ways. Anne 2.0 has emerged on the scene and I'm actually a fan of the new look. She's on the cover of Elle and released the new gospel of celebrity interviews. She basically bitched herself out and said “people needed a break from me” – fucking duh. Admitting your shitiness is the first step tho.

In her Elle photos there is not a single smile – compared to the fucking freak show at the beach earlier this year. She's worked on three resting betch face looks – Blue Steel, Ferrari, and Le Tigre. Bets are she drops Magnum at the Oscars.

She ends her interview by throwing a giant middle finger to the world “I'm not sitting here worrying 'What do you think of me'… I don't need you, or anyone else, to like me.” Fucking preach AHath. It's not quite as eloquent as a quote from Jennifer Lawrence or as poignant as a quote from Chelsea Handler but it's a first step. Welcome to the betches' fold Anne, you've got a lot to learn but we're here to teach.




Source: eOnline


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