An Open Letter To The Duggars

Dear Duggars,

I’ve had enough of you, all of you. I’ve had enough of you in magazines, on  TV and constantly in the periphery of my life. I don’t know who you are or what you do besides constantly reproduce and inadvertently promote contraception, but I am not interested.

Conveniently, I can’t tell any of you apart because all of your names begin with J, so I will address you as a unit. Please go away. I would feel a little bit badly for making fun of a seemingly sweet, religious family but then I ask myself: WHY ARE YOU ALL OVER THE NEWS AND TV, ALL THE TIME? Why are you profiting from your spectacle human surplus? And more importantly, who is actually following your life?

If you google “The Duggars” the first hit is: “19 Kids and Counting Sneak Peek: Youngest Daughter Josie, 5, Suffers a Seizure (VIDEO).” What the fuck? They’re literally pimping out their 5 year old daughter’s medical emergency as a teaser for their plotless show. It’s appalling. The Duggars are like a factory, popping out babies and pushing them into marriage so they can then pop out some more.

The oldest Duggar has three kids, the second eldest just had a baby and the third oldest is now pregnant. In twenty years there could easily be 100 Duggars and an entire network of awful spin-offs.

I don’t have a problem with the way these people live their lives and the frequency with which they insist on giving birth, but I’d like to have the ability not to know. Let me be clear, I do not want to know any of it, ever.


Stop TLC


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